“We’ve served north of 40 million Americans” says Max Levchin of Affirm

Max Levchin, the CEO of Affirm, was recently on the Wall Street Journal’s podcast Take on the Week.

The main point of the podcast episode was to discuss the differences between Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) vs Credit Cards.  This is a topic we are very familiar with and get asked a lot about here on DimeScout.

While Levchin discussed many different topics on the Take on the Week podcast which, one thing he mentioned stood out to me;

we’ve [Affirm] served north of 40 million Americans, so we have a very large swath of the American population in our customer database, and we maintain a very hard consumer satisfaction rate. So people actually like using the product and they repeat

There have been 40 million American consumers that have used Affirms BNPL services. That is a larger percentage of the US population than I would have actual originally thought. Affirm is used by some major online retailers and is shown and checkout pages all the time.

There are about 330 million Americans estimated, so 40 million is roughly 12% of the the entire US population. So 12% of Americans have used Affirm. (Thanks to ChatGPT I figured this out easily.)

I haven’t seen this stat shared before, but I don’t go through Affirm’s publicly disclosed financial statements.

What do you think of 12% of Americans having used Affirm? Do you imagine this number to grow?

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